UX/UI Designer
April 2022 (24 hrs)
Adobe Illustrator

Brona is a wellness app designed to take care of working individuals during quarantine.
The project was created for CreateSC, a 24 hour designathon open to all US undergraduate students. Our team was selected as 1 of 8 top finalists out of 350+ participants, and we won the Crowd's Favorite Award by amassing the most audience votes following our pitch.

Role Overview

During this 24 hour designathon, I worked alongside my two teammates to define the problem, conduct research, ideate, and design our prototype.
Regarding the UI screens, I focused on creating the onboarding process, the recommendations page, as well as the daily challenge feature. In the end, we collaborated on our pitch and ultimately won "Crowd's Favorite".


Design a mobile app that promotes and reflects the
principles of wellness in design.

Design Process

The Problem

Since the pandemic, health and wellness has taken a major hit. Of all the stress that occurs due to the coronavirus, recovering in isolation is one of the most lonely and scary experiences. From the physical tolls of Covid-19 to the lack of social interaction, the isolation period calls into question multiple different types of wellness.

User Research

To get a better sense of the isolation experience, we consulted online sources and talked with students who had first-hand experience quarantining with Covid-19. We also conducted a survey of 21 respondents to understand how isolation impacted different aspects of their wellness.
In the end, I was able to categorize the user well-being pain points into 4 main groups.


PHYSICAL               INTELLECTUAL            EMOTIONAL                  SOCIAL

  • Symptoms fluctuate and affect health

  • Lack of physical exercise and energy

  • Stress from falling behind at work or school

  • Difficulty staying focused / low motivation

  • Feelings of guilt and regret

  • Anxiety-inducing

  • Overwhelming

  • Fear of missing out with friends

  • No energy to socialize 

  • Feeling alone










said they felt


said they felt


said they felt

mentally exhausted

said they felt


Target Audience

Our target audience was young adults who were in isolation with Covid-19. To better visualize this group of users and guide our design decisions, we created user personas and a customer journey map.



From the research analysis, we began ideating features to address quarantine-related "How Might We" questions.

How might we keep track of our user’s health and progress?

How might we encourage users to gain a positive outlook on quarantine?

How might we encourage users to make the most out of their quarantine experience?

Brona portfolio assets.png

Have users input their symptoms, feelings, and behavior

Analyze and record changes
in symptoms and feelings over time

Display progress of
the user’s wellbeing 

Suggest activities for users based on their interests

Allow users to discover new interests 

Help users set achievable goals to feel a sense of accomplishment

Connect users with others in the same situation
so they feel less alone

Give users entertaining challenges that
can be shared

Information Architecture



Group 256.webp

Prototype Features

Onboard / Sign up
Upon downloading Brona, users are taken through the app's value propositions before signing up for an account. Then, the app will ask general questions regarding their Covid-19 status, emergency contact, and hobbies. This information is later used to personalize recommendations for the exploration page.
Take questionnaire and
track recovery progress
On the homepage, users fill out a daily questionnaire and answer simple questions regarding their symptoms, mood, and sleep schedule.
This tracks the user's isolation progress and helps the app generate customized wellness recommendations based on results.

The home screen also displays the history of the user's sleep schedule, screen time, and mood to keep track of their recovery journey.
Set achievable goals and
add recommended tips
Brona helps users stay productive during quarantine by offering an actionable daily checklist as well as health and wellness tips based on the results of each day's survey.
Each recommendation also provides information-backed articles to support how the claims may better the user's condition.

Combat boredom through exploration
Brona recommends popular articles in Entertainment, Activity, News, and Covid-19 to help users pass the time, remain physically active, keep up to date with current events, and learn about coronavirus recovery. Each article is easily digestible to capture attention span and interest.
Complete daily challenge and share with community
Brona gives users fun and easy daily Challenges that provides a sense of consistency and routine while presenting something new every day. Fulfilling these challenges will give users the chance to play around with their current space and situation.

Users can also share their challenge
with a community of people in Covid-19
isolation. They can browse thousands of other submissions to realize they are not alone their experience.
Try it for yourself!

Design System




By participating in this 24 hour designathon, I learned how to prioritize parts of the design process and focus on the bigger picture. I also had one of the most supportive and motivating teamwork experiences
 Jayden and Ashley, as we each self-delegated task to bring our vision to light with efficiency. All in all, we are all really proud of our working process and finished product, and it was rewarding to see our efforts acknowledged when we were selected as Finalists and Crowd Favorite.

Next Steps

From our product pitch to the designathon judges, we received a few insights regarding the marketing viability of our app.

1. The app could be expanded to patients in other fields of healthcare.

Currently, the app is target to Covid-19 patients, complete with specific coronavirus
recovery articles and recommendations. Our app could expand and be curated to other illnesses which include a quarantine period. These new paths could stem from the initial onboard survey.

2. The app could address post-recovery stresses with an after-care system.

We created Brona with the assumption that it will only be used during the quarantine period (~14 days). However, this is not very desirable from a business perspective. With many long-term Covid haulers, Brona has the opportunity to maintain users with post-recovery wellness care as well.