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Designing an ad for the back cover of the New York Times magazine: Future of Work


Product Design Intern


Graphic Ad Design


New York Times Branch Ad

Adobe Illustrator, Adobe InDesign

I got the amazing opportunity to work with the Director of Growth Marketing at Branch to design this ad for the back cover of the Future of Work NYT issue.

We ultimately decided to forefront our product imagery, clear headline and value proposition, and a clear call to action.


In the wild...

Overall, I had a lot of fun exploring different ad narratives, iterating on the concepts, and toying with the copy. 

Ultimately, we went with a more traditional ad as it was Branch's first print ad that would be published for such a large audience. However, this project allowed me to combine marketing with design from different perspectives and take a peek into how a business thinks about their branding and advertising.


My other conceptual explorations

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