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Trojan Scholars Society

Trojan Scholars Society is a student organization dedicated to serving the academic, intellectual, and social needs of the recipients of Presidential, Trustee, Stamps, and Mork scholarships at the University of Southern California. 

Marketing Director
January 2021 – Present

Sole UX/UI Designer

Sole UX/UI Designer

Sole UX/UI Designer


E-Board Instagram


Tools: Adobe Photoshop

To introduce the new E-Board on the TSS Instagram, I adjusted the website headshots to create more informative social media posts so that our audience could get to know us better. In addition, I designed matching cover slides for each position title.

Zoom Backgrounds

Tools: Adobe Illustrator

Since all events are held over Zoom this year, one of the first things I did as Marketing Director was design a series of Zoom backgrounds that would bring TSS's branding identity to all online events and workshops.

2021 E-Board Introductions

Tools: Adobe Photoshop

Following the hiring of the new 2021 E-Board members, I standardized and designed consistent but unique headshot profiles for the TSS website I manage.


Letterhead and Mail

Tools: Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator

Here, I've designed an official letterhead template, envelopes, and business cards for Trojan Scholars Society.

Sweatshirt Seal

Tools: Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop

I designed a formal branding seal that was used on several types of TSS merchandise, including sweatshirts, "Thank you" cards, and "Welcome" greeting cards.

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